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A.A.M.U.C. Officers The AAMUC Officers...
All officers of A.A.M.U.C. are volunteers. So, they basically do their jobs out of the kindness of their heart and love for history - asking nothing in return. And, in some occasions, even help contribute financially to the cause.

A.A.M.U.C. currently has six main and one temporary officer: Editor, President (Temporary), Adjutant, Quartermaster (QM), Judge Advocate General (JAG), Archivist and Awards Manager, and Webmaster. Each performs a vital task so that A.A.M.U.C. continues to run smoothly now and in the future.

To find out more about each officer's role and the current officer in that position, just scroll down the page.

The Editor...

Erick Eastes, AAMUC Editor
Erick Eastes

The Editor is the person responsible for the editorial aspects of A.A.M.U.C.'s publications (both in paper and on the web) from beginning to end. He really functions as of A.A.M.U.C.'s chief executive officer..

The Editor' primary job is to coordinate the articles submitted by members and create the final layout of each issue of FOOTLOCKER. He also handles the mailings, using labels created by the Adjutant.

Erick has been avidly collecting U.S. militaria for over 30 years and has been enjoying AAMUC since he joined in 1987. Retired from the military, Erick is also a member of the Company of Military Historians.

Curious about his collecting interests? Erick loves all militaria, but he does have a soft spot for collecting items related to the veterans from the state of Indiana.

Contact Information:

The President...

Gil Sanow II, AAMUC President
Gil Sanow II

The President position is not a life position. In fact, it is not even an official A.A.M.U.C. position.

This position is actually a special advisory role given to founder and former editor Gil Sanow II. Gil has been gracious enough to stay on in this position in order to provide a helping hand to the new editor.

Since its founding in 1977, Gil has been the FOOTLOCKER Editor. However, Gil is involved in a lot more things than just A.A.M.U.C.

He grew up in a western suburb of Cleveland, Ohio. He graduated from Bowling Green State University, in Bowling Green, Ohio, with a Bachelors in Science and Masters in Education. After graduation, Gil put his degrees to work teaching junior high social studies and high school history classes for thirty-two years, retiring in 1996. He has been involved in the Boy Scout movement for over fifty years.

Apart from work, Gil is married and has two grown sons who have given Gil and his wife three wonderful grandchildren.

As far as collecting goes, Gil loves history and pursued militaria for over forty years. His collection spans the 20th century, centering on the evolution of the U.S. Army uniform. Over the last decade or so, he has specialized in the uniforms of Army General Officers, completely identified and with photographs of the original owners. More recently he has become interested in identifying and researching the original owners of all his uniforms, officers and enlistedmen.

From this interest, it is clearly no surprise that Gil chose to get involved with the founding of A.A.M.U.C., and to continue in that venture.

Contact Information:
P.O. Box 1876
Elyria, OH 44036

The Adjutant...

Greg Harper, AAMUC Adjutant
Greg Harper

The Adjutant in the military is an officer who acts as the head assistant to a more senior officer. So, like his military counterpart, the A.A.M.U.C. adjutant acts as the aide to the Editor. If the Editor needs input or a second opinion, the Adjutant is always ready and willing to help.

In addition, the adjutant acts as the A.A.M.U.C. membership secretary. He handles membership totals, questions, and other member-related issues. And, once a year, he is also instrumental in publishing the A.A.M.U.C. member list, which shows all current members and their contact information. His function, like the membership list, is to foster communication between all members of this uniform collecting community.

Greg has taken over as adjutant from Tim in August 2019, as Greg was looking for something to occupy his time as he nears retirement.

Greg retired from teaching and now an Air Reserve Technician in the Air Force Reserve as a MSGT with 6 months left. He will have served for 29 years as a reservist and 5 years as a civil servant. He is recently married to his beautiful wife. He has three children of his own and is a grandpa to three others.

Uniforms were initially not his main interest. Greg had been collecting shoulder patches since he was 8 years old and medals since 18 years old. After moving to the Upper Peninsula of Michigan after college, he got a job teaching Special Education . While running around his area, he came across four World War I uniforms. He knew that the patches on them exceeded the cost that the seller was asking for the jackets.

Nearly thirty years ago, his coworker (an elementary music teacher) decided to put on a Veteran's Day program. She wanted to involve the high school English class and her 4th graders. She asked if Greg had any uniforms that her 4th graders could use when they carried the flag in. So Greg happily outfitted his World War I uniforms on four fourth graders and they marched in carrying the colors.

The ceremony was a big hit with audiences. But, many of the forth graders expressed their displeasure that they did not have any uniforms.

Thirty years later the program is still going and Greg can now outfit the entire army of fourth graders. Girls have girl uniforms and boys have boys. And, Greg also makes sure to now cover all veterans from World War I to present.

Contact Information:
AAMUC Adjutant

The Quartermaster...

Kurt B. Smith, AAMUC Quartermaster
Kurt B. Smith

The military Quartermaster is the military officer responsible for the food, clothing, and equipment of troops. This does not mean that A.A.M.U.C. members are like troops with their own uniforms. Rather, A.A.M.U.C. is a volunteer organization that provides items for sale in order to raise money to keep A.A.M.U.C. going.

The A.A.M.U.C. Quartermaster is the individual responsible for maintaining A.A.M.U.C. store. He makes sure that A.A.M.U.C. has a sufficient number of A.A.M.U.C. patches, distinctive insignia (DI's), and other promotional memorabilia in stock to sell to interested members. And, he also handles any orders placed for old A.A.M.U.C. FOOTLOCKER issues.

Kurt comes from a proud military family. His father, a career Army Officer, served a distinguished career that included service in World War II and the Korean War.

Being the son of a career soldier, Kurt got to experience life in all parts of the world. He grew up on many military posts including Ft. Leonard Wood, MO, Ft. George G. Meade, MD, Ft. Carson, CO, Hampton Roads Army Terminal, VA, and NATO HQS, Izmir, Turkey.

After graduating from the University of Central Florida, Kurt has pursued a career in environmental, health and safety.

Kurt is now married and enjoys a son, who is diligently working on his college education. And, Kurt's father-in-law is a retired Air Force Chief Master Sergeant, who proudly served for 26 years.

Through his childhood and adult experiences with the military, Kurt acquired a knowledge and appreciation for military history and uniform collecting. Kurt has collected militaria since 1957.

His collection spans the period of 1940 through 1970 and includes U.S.Army/U.S. Air Force collectables. He has an extensive collection of U.S. Air Force General Officers collectables from General Kuter, General Smart, Brig. General Robert Scott, and several other notables.

Contact Information:
P.O. Box 691136
Mint Hill, NC 28227

The Archivist and Awards Manager...

Tim Bartholow, AAMUC Archivist and Awards Manager
  Archivist and Awards Manager:
Tim Bartholow

Collectors often have questions about military uniforms, since a uniform is as much of a mix of military dress code as it is personal expression. What better place to send the question to than a U.S. military uniform collector’s group that has been around for years? Chances are that at some point in time someone has had a similar question or a member has published a research article on the subject.

A large organization like A.A.M.U.C. that has been in existence for a long time naturally has a very large archive. Searching through such a mountainous archive can be a daunting task even for the most hardened of researches. That is why A.A.M.U.C. now has a person dedicated to making sure that its archive is ‘squared away’ (or in order). .

Tim is now the AAMUC Archivist and Awards Manager. Prior to holding this position, Tim became the AAMUC Adjutant on January 1, 2011; he retired in August 2019. Like several AAMUC officers, he is a native Ohioan, but spent his college years at Michigan. As a music major, and the winner of a disappointingly low draft number in 1969, he promptly dropped out of college after auditioning for and being accepted into the United States Military Academy Band at West Point, NY. After keeping the Black Knights of the Hudson safe for democracy by playing parades and concerts for them until 1972, he returned to Ann Arbor for his master's degree in music and a subsequent MBA degree so he could get a decent job!

Being a musician, Tim chose a career managing musical organizations. When the University of Georgia built its first-ever performing arts center in 1995, he moved to Athens, GA, as the founding Director of that Center, retiring in 2010.

Tim never thought he collected uniforms until his wife pointed out that he had acquired over 100 of them. In hindsight, he apparently does collect band uniforms (mostly US), medals (he is also Treasurer of OMSA), some DIs, cloth insignia, and almost anything related to military bands: medals, brass, cloth, drums, or uniforms. His wife Lisa helps him in his retirement to feed their backyard squirrels, deer, and raccoons, and wishes he collected fewer things.

Contact Information:
AAMUC Archivist and Awards Manager
P.O. Box 7632
Athens, GA 30604-7632

The Webmaster...

Christina Scherrey, AAMUC Webmaster
Christina Scherrey

The Webmaster is the person responsible for designing and maintaining the A.A.M.U.C. website. If any web content needs to be changed, the webmaster is the go-to person.

Christina is a self-titled history nut and admittedly a woman that enjoys clothing - even if it just happens to be old military uniforms. Her personal motto is: "a woman can never have too many clothes."

Her collecting interests tend to include everything. But, if she had to state a focus, her primary focus would be identified valor uniform groupings.

Contact Information:

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