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Association of American Military Uniform Collectors Association of American Military Uniform Collectors

What is AAMUC?
The ASSOCIATION OF AMERICAN MILITARY UNIFORM COLLECTORS (A.A.M.U.C.) was founded early in 1977 by a small group of collectors of American military uniforms who felt the need to work together to improve their personal collections and themselves by exchanging their ideas and knowledge. As a group, AAMUC (pronounced "amuck" is dedicated to the collection, preservation and study of American military uniforms.

The group's primary activity at this time is the publication of the FOOTLOCKER which is a quarterly newsletter full of member-written articles and advertisements. The articles are generally concerned with the collecting field in general and with the preservation and restoration of military clothing. Other articles may cover identification of militaria. Book and museum reviews are also included from time to time.

A one-year membership in AAMUC is available at a cost of $25.00 for US or $30 for international and multi-year memberships are available at the same cost annually. This entitles the member to four issues of FOOTLOCKER and the right to publish up to four ads, as is outlined below, each year. In addition, each member will receive a detailed membership list coded to indicate each member's specific collecting interest. Membership lists are updated biannually.

The opportunity of joining AAMUC is extended to interested persons outside the United States also. Canadian and Mexican memberships are also $25.00 with all materials mailed first class. European, South and Central American and Asian memberships are $30.00 annually, with the higher cost including materials sent by air mail. It is requested that foreign members remit funds by international money order or by a check drawn on a U.S. bank. And, if members choose to pay for membership via PayPal, please make sure to include 5% to cover the PayPal processing fees.

There is no formal structure to AAMUC's organization at this time, but there is an informal Board of Governors consisting of the Editor of FOOTLOCKER, the Adjutant, the Quartermaster, and several others. This group generally does the work required to make AAMUC function, and lays out a course of action for approval by the membership. AAMUC members are surveyed from time-to-time to determine their wishes on various matters, so that this is a group which truly tries to serve the desires of the membership.

We certainly hope that AAMUC and FOOTLOCKER will appeal to your collecting interests and needs, and we invite you to join our growing number.

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